Collected Reports Shows Shenzhen Ranks Second in Level of Happiness

Collected Reports Shows Shenzhen Ranks Second in Level of HappinessEight internet platforms in China gave reports which showed that Shenzhen was ranked second nationwide based on the happiness of its residents. The reports stated that Shenzhen compared to first tier cities has the best air quality and it ranked ninth among all cities in China based on the number of days that have good weather. In terms of happiness Shenzhen also ranked second as per reports and Shanghai took the top spot to live in due to the fast developing infrastructure and the willingness of residents to socialize and travel in moderate air quality and traffic conditions.

Also 10 percent of startups are found in Shenzhen which has the third highest rate of startups nationwide. Reports show that the startup rate positively related with the curiosity of residents recorded using a Zhihu an online question and answer platform with active users in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen.

These five cities are among the top 10 in the list of Blue Happiness Rankings. 44 percent of the Zhihu users in Shenzhen noted art and photo exhibits are the favorite activities which is the highest among all cities. All data and basis of the reports were provided by Alipay, Zhihu, 36 Kr, Autonavi Map, Moji Weather, Alitrip, IPE and Momo.

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