Industrial Park to Get Traffic Restructuring to Accomodate Road Projects

Industrial Park to Get Traffic Restructing to Accomodate Road ProjectsTraffic around Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Park is set to be improve as road projects are being done especially near the area Keyuan West Industrial Zone. Roads are to be expanded and bus routes to be simplified. Tonggu Road and Shennan Boulevard will allow two way turning and the north and south end of Tonggu Road will be blocked and pedestrian tunnels and bridges will be constructed.

Left turns are prohibited at the intersection of Gaoxin South No. 1 Street and Keji South No. 10 Road especially during rush hours to order to improve traffic at Tonggu Road. Left turns are also blocked at the intersection of Shennan Boulevard and Keyuan Road since the intersection is the main intersection that controls traffic to central and the southern sections of the high tech industrial park.

Bus lines are to be combined and to be optimize in efforts to relieve traffic burden on Shennan Boulevard. The relief road intersection in Keji Central No. 1 Road and Shennan Boulevard is expanded to control more traffic to Shennan Boulevard. 26 bus routes on Shennan Boulebard and offices of Han’s Laser, Tencent and Malata are found scattered in Kiji Central No.1 Road were traffic in this intersection is heavy.

Northeastern side of roads near Keyuan Road and near its intersection with Beihuan Boulevard are t be expanded and the number of westbound traffic lanes will be increased as well. electric bikes will be banned in the intersections and those caught using them will have their vehicles confiscated.

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