Increase in Rent and Housing Prices Drive Away Skilled Workers

Increase in Rent and Housing Prices Drive Away Skilled Workers Employers are finding it hard to look for the right person for work and even harder in Shenzhen as rising housing prices are pushing away skilled workers. A human resources staff member of a construction company said that it was hard to find workers before and its even harder now even with them offering high salaries. Human resources held a recruitment fair in Futian explained the situation as the fair attracted around 80 enterprises that were looking for workers to fill more 2,000 job vacancies. Furthermore hiring someone with specialized skills is even more difficult.

Older generations of technicians are retiring and only a handful of the younger generations are learning a technical skill. Positions can’t even keep young technicians for a long time and around 80 percent of them resign within the first month of their work and around 5 percent will be staying.

Those taking skilled positions needs years of experience, and a lot of these young workers are refusing to stay on the jobs stating reasons for leaving ranging from exposure to industrial dust, long work hour and monotonous nature of the job. Plus the situation worsens due to surging housing prices and rent. Rent and housing prices in Shenzhen is getting more expensive and have become a burden to most young people, while some construction designers returned to their hometown after working for more than ten years in the city.

Some workers are willing to sign contracts as long as the company promise to provide housing. One worker said that he will prioritize a company once he is sure that his rent and meals are paid for.

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