Audi Redesigns A4 Model to Boost Sales in China

Audi Redesigns A4 Model to Boost Sales in ChinaAudi is planning to redesign its top selling A4 saloon in hopes to boost its fortunes in China wherein premium brands is struggling with slow sales and leader ship changes. `global car manufacturers are under pressure in raising their game in the biggest auto market where anti corruption drive and a slow economy paired with tumbling stocks is pulling down sales.

Volkswagen flagship division are courting Chinese buyers by using a lighter and more fuel efficient model of the Audi A4 that added a fifth to its global output of 1.8 million cars for 2014. Audi’s A4 is a crucial part of the global growth strategy and is one of the key models of Audi especially for their main markets namely Europe, China and North America. now Audi manages to wrestle away the luxury crown from BMW in a three way contest with Mercedes Benz.

The new designed A4 will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show this September and will be sold in the European market by November competing with the upgraded version of the BMW entry level 3 series and with the redesigned Mercedes C-class that entered the market last year.

Faced with ten years of steady growth, Audi is now facing challenges in China where Germany’s leading premium brands are eating away 30 to 50 percent of their profits. Volkswagen main earnings is undergoing a review of its 2015 target of delivering 600,000 cars in china as volume has slowed down sharply since December of last year falling 5.8 percent in June.

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