Export of High Performance Drones and Computers to be Banned due to Security Reasons

Export of High Performance Drones and Computers to be Banned due to Security ReasonsChina will start banning the exports of high performance drones and computers because of national security reasons. The ban which starts from mid August is urging manufacturers not to export drones that are capable of flying in gusty winds, hovers above 15,000 meters and an hour of flight duration. Export of computers that have greater than 8 tera floating points operations per second are also not allowed.

This is the first time such export restrictions is being imposed on such products, also not reasons were given and details explained on how these devices are a threat to the national security. The decision will have limited impact on the export of commercial drones. The ban is targeted to drones that are not designed for commercial use and will protect key technologies of several Chinese companies. It came as a surprise decision for the industry but in reality it makes sense based on national security and the growth of the industry.

The ban came after a Chinese made drone was caught in an international crossfire in Pakistan which claimed that it shot down a spy drone in the border areas of India, they say that the object looked like a Chinese made product based on its shape. The ban on super computers also makes sense as China is leading on capabilities on super computing and its rapid growth in the super computer sector has raised interest in several nations.

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