Shenzhen Based Drone Maker to Expand Market to Latin America

Shenzhen Based Drone Maker to Expand Market to Latin AmericaDJI a Shenzhen based top civilian drone maker in China saw a surge in sales due to a high demand from fun seeking members of the public. Used for fighting forced labor to surveying old relics the uses of unmanned aircraft are now being tapped into a emerging market for consumer drones in Latin America.

During the months of June and July, sales of DJI in Latin America tripled compared to a year earlier reaching million of yuan, with Brazil, Chile Paraguay and Mexico as their biggest customers. Furthermore the growth in Latin America is just proof of the drone maker’s increasing popularity. In Brazil its Labor Ministry used six Inspire 1 drones to monitor several properties that was suspected of using forced labor in Rio de Janeiro. The Inspire 1 drones were using high-powered cameras that can shoot in a 360 degree angle videos then transmit in real time to tablet computers or smart phones. In Peru archaeologists and cultural officials used DJI drones to scan and complete a 3D surveillance and mapped around 12,000 Incan ruin sites.

The fast growth in orders from public service institutions in Latin America give hopes to the company’s plans for future expansion in the region, as one of the global leaders in drone making that are used in aerial photography and videography, DJI has a market share of 70 percent and 80 percent of their revenues are coming from abroad with orders coming from North America, Europe and Japan.

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