Telecom Services Required to Verify and Register User Information

Telecom Services Required to Verify and Register User InformationThe nation’s telecommunications regulator stated that Chinese telecom service are now required to verify and register Users ID when selling new phone cards starting September 1. The new mandate is part of the nation’s latest effort to enforce a regulation that is passed in 2013 that is requiring identity verification when using telecom services ranging from fixed phones, Internet and cell phones. Because of the lack in implementation, a large number of unverified accounts still remain which include old clients that bought sim cards before 2013.

As of the moment users can obtain sim cards without identification in non official channels namely phone stores and newspaper stands that are ignoring the rules. The three major phone companies’ brick shops are required to have ID card readers that are used to verify and register new users information starting September. As of now around 600,000 card readers are installed and are ready for use. Old and unverified accounts that are activated before the 2013 policy will be verified when users apply for new service package or when buying new phone cards.

Unverified cards also known as black cards are used in fraudulent activities especially in text message scams. China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile all have unverified accounts with China Mobile having biggest number of users at 130 million with 16 percent of its total accounts are unverified. By implementing the regulation, the Ministry of Telecommunication will require companies to lift the ratio of verified accounts by the end of the year.

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