Shenzhen to Play Host to this Year’s Biotech Summit and Expo

Shenzhen to Play Host to this Year's Biotech Summit and ExpoFrom September 23 to 25 the Shenzhen International Biotechnology 2015 (BT) Summit and Biological/Health Industry Expo will be held. The summit will present attendees with a complete and comprehensive discussion of global biotechnology development, two high end dialogues, two keynote speeches and eight professional forums. The summit will also include the commercialization of biotech research findings through the introduction of a one on one cooperation system.

Furthermore outstanding biotech experts and information tech entrepreneurs are invited to explore the two industries while government officials will be explaining the regulations of bio medicine. 40,000 professionals, professors and lab technicians fro all over Asia, America, Oceania and Europe have confirmed attendance to the summit and expo. Regular visitors are also welcome by signing up for attendance through the organizer’s WeChat account. For the past three years, Shenzhen played host to biological/health industry expos as the first international biotech summit was held last year. around 7,000 biological companies that are based in Shenzhen with 300,000 employees and a registered financial amount of 40 billion yuan.

According to deputy secretary general for the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Li Ganming the annual growth rate of the biological industry was up 16 percent in the past five years higher the GDP growth rate. The biotech industry must have its own open sources platform in order to properly merge software, hardware and wetware resources while optimizing the strengths of the biotech and information tech industry. But china still falls behind international organizations in making lab achievements into clinical applications even when leading in biotech academic findings.

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