Human Resources Companies to Look Into Social Media Sites to Recruit Talent

Human Resources Companies to Look Into Social Media Sites to Recruit TalentThe Shenzhen Human Resources Association recently did an industry report showing that the social networking sites are emerging as a novel way and effective pattern for talent recruitment. The importance of social media in tracking job candidates is posing a threat in the traditional recruitment websites that are widely used in China. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and domestic ones such as Roulin and Renren is serving as an effective channel for recruitment talent.

A majority of Chinese employees of foreign funded companies created their own LinkedIn accounts to gather personal information of candidates such as educational background, expertise and work experience is posted. From a viewpoint of an employer it reduces the background research needed as traditional recruitment websites perform poorly since they don’t have enough information and there are ties it can’t be trusted.

The technology used by this social media sites can compensate for what is lacking, since these sites hold a higher level of user activity and interactivity, plus the majority of users are constantly updating their information on social media, and ID based social media can be trusted.  Cloud computing is also fast becoming a popular service used by local human resources companies as the service functions as a rewarding option for companies that wants to create a talent database since it cuts down on extra costs of data building by allowing online data storage.

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