Shenzhen has Big Plans for Qianhai Traffic Hub

Shenzhen has Big Plans for Qianhai Traffic HubPlace in Qianhai are mostly covered in construction barriers and dusty roads, but with all this Shenzhen has big plans for Qianhai which is partially built on reclaimed land. Experts are saying that the traffic hub to be constructed in Qianhai will be one of the world’s second busiest once operational in 2020. A ceremony was held to mark the start of the construction of the Qianhai main structure and the junction which is predicted to see a daily passenger flow of up to 750,000 just behind Shanghai’s Hongqiao in being the busiest traffic hub.

The traffic hub will be linking intercity railways that run through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong subway Line 1,5 and 11 along with numerous bus routes that will be connected to the Qianhai traffic hub. The connections coming through Qianhai will reach the airport in the west to downtown Louhu in the east. According the general manager of the junction construction Yang Shuyun  the underground project is set to be completed in September 2020. The area is now starting construction and is taking up 100,000 square meters of area.

Shenzhen Metro Group is responsible for the project’s construction with the cost of 17.59 billion yuan. The Qianhai traffic hub will have the deepest underground construction nationwide around six floors total. This will also be the city’s largest underground parking lot that provides more than 5,300 parking spots. The foundation for the project is 830 meters long and 100 meters wide, with the three upper floors reserved for railway and transfer facilities. The three remaining lower levels will be used as the parking lot. The new junction will improve travel conditions in Shenzhen as it will enable urban space restructuring in the neighboring Shekou that was been a large industrial base for 30 years and will be benefiting the surrounding areas as well.

The traffic hub is right in the center of the Guiwan area, the Qianhai Shekou free trade zone, which is a part of a crucial step in the infrastructure construction in Qianhai.

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