Four Planned Metro Lines to be Connected With Subway Lines in Dongguan

Four Planned Metro Lines to be Connected With Subway Lines in DongguanShenzhen railway office stated that four Metro lines namely 6,11,12 and 18 would be connected with three subway lines in Dongguan. Although Lines 6 and 11 are still under construction and the subway in Dongguan are not yet open, the Metro line 11 will be the first Metro line that have plans to be connected to Dongguan’s subway system. The line will start in Futian and ends in Bitou near the border running through Nanshan, Shenzhen airport and the Qianhai-Shekou free trade zone.

The Metro Line 11 will link downtown Shenzhen with the western coast and will serve as the airport express which is designed to run at 120 kilometers per hour and is set to be completed next year. the trip from Futian CBD and the airport will be around 30 minutes and trips to downtown going to the Dongguan border takes 50 minutes. The Line 11 extends to Chang’an Dongguan then will link up with Dongguan Metro Line 9. Dongguan’s Line 3 will include 24 stops passing through Songshan Lake and Chang’an Pedestrian Street.

The railway office said Line 11 would extend to Chang’an, Dongguan, where it will link up with Dongguan’s Metro Line 9. Construction of Dongguan’s Line 3 has not yet been started it will have 24 stops including Songshan Lake and Chang’an Pedestrian Street. The construction of Dongguan Line 3 has not started. Line 6 of the Shenzhen Metro will run from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Songgang, the 37.7-kilometer line will have 20 stops going through Longhua and Guangmong New Area, Songgang and Bao’an Districts.

Shenzhen’s Line 6 will run between Shenzhen North Railway Station and Songgang, with 20 stops. The 37.7-km line will go through Longhua New Area, Guangming New Area and Songgang, Bao’an District. Construction of the lines has already started and is set to finish by 2020 and Line 6 will be link with Line 1 Lilin Station in Dongguan. Shenzhen Line 12 and 18 will be connected to Dongguan Line 2, Line 12 will be 31.5 kilometers between Sea World in Shekou and the New Airport Town in northern Bao’an. Metro Line 18 will be used, as an inner city express that will link east to west at 43.2 kilometers and both lines will link Dongguan Line 2 at the New Airport Town.

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