Climate Change is One Key Topic in President Jinping’s U.S. State Visit

Climate Change is One Key Topic in President Jinping's U.S. State VisitChina and the United States are planning to strengthen its cooperation on the technology transfers in order to cope up with global warming. China will be offering more financial support to other developing countries to help them deal with the climate change. Xie Zhenhua a special representative for China met with his US counterparts several times this year in preparation for the first state visit of President Xi Jinping’s to the United States. He said that climate change will be one of the important item to be discussed during President Jinping’s visit to the US and they will be expecting a lot of positive achievements.

The climate change partnership of Beijing and Washington is further boosted by launching together pilot programs in areas like carbon capture and storage technology with the aim to help in the implementation of such green technologies to bring in economic returns. Close cooperation between developed and developing countries is crucial for the global community in order to meet the medium and long term goals in cutting down carbon emissions. No disagreement for the need fro green technology innovation, or that both countries should cooperate on green technology although difficulties and disagreement remains on technology transfers.

Developed countries must transfer practical but not necessarily cutting edge technology to less developed ones in helping them reduce their own carbon emissions. Government officials from ten Chinese cities and Sichuan together with representatives from energy companies will be attending the climate smart and low carbon cities summit on Los Angeles. Here they will be sharing experience with US cities on reaching carbon emission peak by 2030 or earlier. Based a joint a announcement released by Chinese leaders and the US as of last year, the US will cut down their emissions by more than a quarter between 2005 to 2025. Global communities looks at the Sino- US announcement on emissions as providing significant topic for the United Nations climate change talks in December.

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