E-commerce Industry Finds Ways to Lessen Waste from Production

E-commerce Industry Finds Ways to Lessen Waste from ProductionAs the e-commerce industry in China is booming, but is finding hard to pursue sustainable development while protecting the environment might mire time. Last year alone the business was around 12.3 trillion, which is up by 21.3 percent compared to 2013. And 70 percent of the sector involved with online business-to-business industry has 20 percent going on the Internet shopping.

The e-commerce business has the capability to make production and consumption greener and e-commerce helped expanded the country’s economy, there’s been a major environmental challenge. But one aspect is the large business-to-business enterprises collect orders and manufactures only the exact number. This will help safeguard resources and cut down on energy and storage. Platforms such as buyerparty.com will enable producers to customize production, which in turn lessens waste products.

But over packaging by 3-retailers still produces heaps of waste that has to be disposed off and that creates the pollution. These online shops also fuel consumption an again produces waste materials that has to be dealt with, since using non recycled plastic and Styrofoam packing does irreversible harm to the environment. Last year alone the use of plastic tape waste ran up to 10 billion kilometers which is enough to go around the world at least 200 times and to fix this problems, e-commerce businesses adopted different methods.

Recyclable materials created out of cornstarch been adopted to pack products, while some abandoned secondary packing and started to replace paper receipts with electronic ones. On average, companies recycled materials from more than 300.000 packages are found every month and keeps rising. One way of cutting down on the pollution is to establish pick up stations wherein e-commerce companies can direct its customers to where the goods are delivered and where they can picked them up.

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