Transport Commission to Place More E-Buses on Shenzhen Roads

Transport Commission to Place More E-Buses on Shenzhen RoadsThe transportation commission of Shenzhen will be placing around 60 electric buses on the road marking the World Car Free day and the start of a ambitious plan to place 3,600 electric buses and 2,000 electric taxis on the road before the year ends. By the end of 2015, the amount of new energy buses will be at 6,650 or 44 percent of the total public buses running on the city roads

Last Tuesday, which is Car Free Day the commission is promoting commuting with the public transport through activities at 38 places including the Futian Transport Hub, department stores, CBD Store, Shenzhen Book City, factories and Metro stations wherein the commission is seeking suggestions from the public on the city’s public transport. The commission will give out vouchers for free bus and metro rides. 60 electric buses is just beginning and the commission will be constructing nine comprehensive service center during the 13th Five Year Program from 2016 to 2020 for maintenance, parking and charging of around 4,000 buses.

The city will also speed up the construction of these charging stations and stands for new energy vehicles and at the same time promote the use of these new energy vehicles in different sectors of the transport system using incentives. There will be 3,050 new energy buses and 850 electric taxis running in Shenzhen and these vehicles are helping avoid 120,000 tons of carbon emissions every year.

Shenzhen is a low carbon city and is one of the city under the pilot program of the Central Government in promoting energy saving and new energy vehicles. Shenzhen also created a bicycle rental network that has more than 22,000 bicycles in 717 rental stations across the city.

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