China Launches New Rocket Carrying Satellites Using Environmentally Friendly Fuel

China Launches New Rocket Carrying Satellites Using Environmentally Friendly FuelYesterday China launched a smaller new type of rocket from the Long March family that is primarily used for carrying satellites into space. And as the country pushes with its ambitious space program with the Long March-6 a newly developed carrier rocket that uses liquid propellant took off from the launch base at the northern province of Shanxi carrying 20 micro satellites.

The white rocket was imprinted with the Chinese flag on top flew into the bluish grey skies and the footage of the launch was aired by State broadcaster China Central Television. An official said that a smaller rocket would make the country more competitive in the market for commercial satellite launches and he believes that it will be a boost to the competitiveness of Chinese carrier rockets in the international market. The new rocket model also signifies the improvement in the ability to access space.

China launching its own satellites and continues to build homegrown navigation system but carries out launches for other countries and commercial companies. The rocket is 29 meter high and is short than the other rockets that are actively used in the Chinese space program. The Long March-6 will be using fuel that is composed of liquid oxygen and kerosene that is said to be free of toxicity and pollution. State media said that its achievement in the launch that marked a record for the number of satellites carried by a Chinese rocket and the first time to be using a environmentally friendly fuel.

The smaller satellites are used for experiments in technology and new products. The separation control for the 20 satellites will be requiring high accuracy, reliability and precision. And in its 2011 policy paper that is issued by the State Council stated that the Long March-6 will be capable of placing a ton of payload into space at a height of 700 kilometers.

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