Possible Long Holiday Triggers Overseas Shopping Trips

Possible Long Holiday Triggers Overseas Shopping TripsChinese tourists are looking forward to a longer vacation as this year’s Mid Autumn Festival falls close to the National Day holiday this October. According to Ctrip one of China’s leading online travel service provider stated that the number of tourists that booked long distance trips during the National Day holiday has increased to 150 percent compared with the same period last year.

According to Ctrip that shopping is one of the major goals for Chinese outbound tourists and they have tailored many travel groups with shopping as the only activity. Top overseas destinations for shoppers from the Chinese mainland include New York, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul and Hong Kong. The average consumption in the top ten favorite overseas destinations will surpass 10,000 yuan while New York might exceed 21,000 yuan. Ctrip also noticed that there are changes this year based on the overseas consumption data for the past nine years.

South Korea and Hong Kong used to be top choice for Chinese mainland tourists, but political situation in Hong Kong along with the fear of MERS in South Korea shows that they are losing Chinese mainland consumers to Japan. Consumption in Hong and South Korea is now bouncing back but although it will take time to go back to the previous level.

36 percent of Chinese tourists have selected shopping as one of their purpose for outbound tourism most of the tourists plans two days of shopping as some friends and relatives are asking them to buy something for them since most of the prices are more reasonable and the quality of goods are more trustworthy and some of them have more choices. The surge of overseas consumption will reflect the gap between Chinese consumers preferences and Chinese made products. Although the Chinese have many world famous luxury goods like silk, porcelain and tea, but the lack of high end made in China products is still pushing consumers to overseas markets.

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