President Jinping U.S. State Visit Brings Negotiation Plans on Key Sectors

President Jinping U.S. State Visit Brings Negotiation Plans on Key SectorsChina’s President Xi Jinping left Beijing for his first state visit to the United States yesterday, bringing plans of negotiations between the two countries on several key sectors that is close to a successful outcome. The state visit ends on Friday will takes Xi and his first lady Peng Liyuan to Washington D.C. then to Seattle the U.S. high tech hub where Xi will be reaching out to a wide range of U.S. society that includes business leaders, local officials and students.

XI will also be spending three days in New York City to attend a series of summits at the United Nations headquarters that marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the global body. Sources that are close to the arrangements stated that both countries would likely to seal more than 40 agreements including the issue on climate change. XI will also be delivering a major policy speech during a dinner with business leaders and dignitaries in which he will be talking on the Sino-US ties. Then Xi and Obama will have a small working dinner in Washington before any formal talks on Friday.

Former special assistant to the US president for national security affairs Jeffery A. Bader, sais that President Obama developed a good personal relationship with Chinese President Xi after spending several hours together in Sunnylands California and more time during Obama’s visit to Beijing. Its important for the two presidents to make statements on their joint commitments in order to manage the economic relationship joint deals with global economic turbulence and work together to stabilize and send a reassuring message in both countries.

Other s believe that Xi’s State visit to the US will help push for completion on the marathon talks on the Bilateral Investment Treaty. Also talks on what experts are saying to be the first arms control for cyberspace that will involve commitment on each country that it will not be the first to use cyber weapons in crippling each other’s critical infrastructure during peacetime.

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