Walmart Launches Training Program to Empower Women Employees

Walmart Launches Training Program to Empower Women EmployeesAround 22,000 women from 43 factories found across China will benefit from a training program that is aimed to empower women working in the manufacturing sector since almost 60 percent of the employees are female. Launched by Walmart in 2011 together with the non profit organization Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR) the program will teach more than 26,000 women in 45 factories by the end of the month life skills that is related to hygiene, reproductive health, communication, financial planning and occupational health in a conference and 80 percent of the program’s goals was met and 16,000 men will also receive training as well.

Upon completion of the preliminary training, around 4,500 women will be receiving advanced leadership training to develop work and life skills that is need for personal and career development. The program is aimed to empower women and give sustainable change to factories that produce things for Walmart along with other brands and retailers. Walmart is also planning to increase its sourcing from companies that are operated by women.in 2014 Walmart sourced more than US$ 637 million goods from 45 Chinese companies that were owned by women and Walmart goal is to double the amount of sourcing by 2016.

Female workers and human resources managers at factories stated that they seen the difference the program has made and 70 percent of those receiving the training said that program helped them adapt to their work better while 72 percent said that they learned a lot through the program as it enabled them to solve problems they met in life and work. Even the male workers said they also benefited from the program by changing their way of thinking and of dealing around people. Factories are willing to train their female employees even those not working for Walmart are invited to join the program for free.

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