Large Number of Participants Attended the 2015 Biotech Summit in Shenzhen

Large Number of Participants Attended the 2015 Biotech Summit in ShenzhenAround 70 guests ranging from academics, scientists and entrepreneurs from the biotech industry came from around the world participated in the 2015 Shenzhen International Biotech Summit. The summit has held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center. There were two keynote speeches, eight professional forums and two formal discussions during the summit that covered basically different topics ranging from policies for biomedicine, cancer treatment, printing of medical materials and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Carl. H. June one of the lecturers and a member of the American Academy of Sciences is working on a treatment for cancer with his team for years now. He said that the CAR-T cell therapy that was developed by his team takes care of patient’s white blood cells the genetically alters them so it can be recognized which allows them to kill the cancer cells. CAR-T cells are serial killer cells and can kill over 1,000 tumor cells, but making the CAR-T cells require five days and the test patients that were treated in 2010 still have the CAR-T cells in their blood stream. 77 trials of CAR-T cell therapy is ongoing worldwide with 20 of this cases in China following US with 48 ongoing trials.

Also a delegation from the U.S. Biotechnology Industry Organization was present during the opening ceremony of the summit. The Biotechnology Industry Organization is one of the world’s largest association of biotech companies with research centers across the U.S. and 30 centers in other nations and currently expanding their influence in China. The company believes that they will be helpful on issues ranging from biology regulation, intellectual property and financing biotech startups. Lessons are also learned from other markets, which can be used to help China expand and maximize its potential.

Together with the Summit, the Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Expo also opened the convention and exhibition center. The three day expo will be attended by 200 bioscience enterprises from around the world and in China. There will be sixteen events that will be hosted and showing the latest development in the biotech industry and to match biotech startups with the right investors.

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