Two Chinese Companies Signed Deals to Produce in U.S. Soil

Two Chinese Companies Signed Deals to Produce in U.S. SoilTwo major Chinese companies are making a big step in making their presence felt and their investments in the US is on the sidelines of a meeting between the top executives from both nations. Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang Group it will be making greater investments is the US especially in the clean energy industry. And Didi Kuadi is also planning to invest $100 million in ride sharing transportation company Lyft. Didi Kuadi is one of China’s largest car hailing service platform is expecting to launch a shared software service together with Lyft. The service will allow Didi Kuadi users to use Lyft’s services in the US and in China.

Didi Kuadi also signed a deal with LinkedIn a social networking platform to take over the Chinese company talent recruiting and training in North America. The LinkedIn platform eventually will be integrated into Didi ride sharing services in a effort in expanding the US company services to Chinese mobile phone users. The deals came after 15 Chinese business leaders met with their US counter parts during the US China Internet Industry Forum. Wanxiang Group the owner of Fisker Automotive responsible for making the plug in hybrid electric vehicle and battery maker A123 Systems. The company has more than 40 production plants and more than 13,000 employees in the US.

The company already invested $1 billion into these US companies from 2012 to 2014 and the Board od Directors are confident that the company’s development in the US will be received well since the company clean energy business is growing an sales of conventional auto parts are stable. Wanxiang Group is inviting Chinese companies to invest in the US high tech sector and to be treated fairly. They say it is important for these companies to be involved and to have the opportunity in engaging in businesses in an equal, open and honest manner.

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