Government Survey Shows Average Salary in Shenzhen up by 8 Percent

Government Survey Shows Average Salary in Shenzhen up by 8 PercentAverage salary in Shenzhen is around 4,711 yuan a month, which is 8.05 percent higher, compared to last year. Based on a government survey the salary information was released by the Shenzhen human resources and social security bureau. The survey showed that people working in the software and IT industry are the ones that earn the most having an average salary of 9,021 yuan a month. They are followed by employees in the Internet service providers who in turn earns 8,885 yuan a month and then telecom and broadcast employees who earns 8,745 yuan a month.

The three top highest paid occupations are corporate board member earning an average of 18,110 yuan per month followed by road and bridge engineers earning around 15,250 yuan then computer service manager averaging 15,112 yuan a month. Master’s and doctorate degree holders have the highest income getting an average of 9,835 yuan a month followed by undergraduates earning at least 7,335 yuan and those with middle school education averages salary of 3,214 yuan a month. The list also contains those having senior professional titles are earning 11,658 yuan, those with junior titles makes 6,283 yuan. Senior technicians are earning 6,291 yuan on average and junior technicians are paid 3,698 yuan.

According to a spokesperson from the Shenzhen human resources and social security bureau that the salary list is a reference for employers and the actual salary is usually set by the market. The bureau also said that the list refers to employees total pre tax income which include bonuses and allowances. Salaries fro those with the same occupation also varies since employees of State owned enterprises have higher incomes compared to those working in private companies and those employees in the same company also make different amount which depends on their work position.

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