City Sees Shortage in Landfills and Plans to Construct Garbage Incinerators

City Sees Shortage in Landfills and Plans to Construct Garbage IncineratorsA shrinking disposal capacity and rising complaints from neighbors challenge the four landfills in the city, which is capable of handling half of Shenzhen’s household waste and experts are now clamoring for waste incineration in hopes to deal with the garbage in a sustainable way.

The Laohukeng landfill in Bao’an started in 2002 and has two disposal areas that deal with 3,200 tons of garbage daily. A spokesperson for the landfill said that both areas are almost filled and a new filling area will be needed. Aside from the landfills there are two incinerators that is capable of burning 4,200 tons of garbage and a third incinerator is well on its way. These incinerators can handle all the household waste in Bao’an with Longhuaa and Guangming new areas. As for the landfills are on standby for emergencies. The Honghualing refuse landfill in Longgang is facing a shortage in space since it was only designed to handle 400 tons of waste a day but is taking in more than 1,500 tons of waste daily and the landfill is expected to be filled by the end of the year.

The Yahu landfill in Pingshan New Area is being complained by nearby residents which is 2 kilometers away, s staff from the urban management sub bureau in Pingshan said that its landfill is capable of handling 650 tons of waste daily but in the bid to minimize the smell, disposal areas are covered and open air work zones are moved to the farthest side away from the neighbors. Xiaping Refuse landfill in Luohu also faces the same problems as more residential places are being constructed around it.

If the landfills will be shutdown without new facilities to handle the garbage, the city will see its garbage piling up. Since January to August the daily amount of household waste being disposed in Shenzhen was reached 15,800 tons around 4.8 percent higher compared to last year although there re plans of creating more landfills it not enough since the four landfills has already occupied 200 hectares of land and the city only has 100 hectares of usable land.

According to the head of the city’s municipal sanitation treatment plant that its impossible to completely get rid of the smell from the land fills and the only solution is to have garbage incinerators to burn the waste and it will be more eco friendly and uses less space.


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