Organizations Coming Together to Workout Solutions to Reduce Air Pollution

Organizations Coming Together to Workout Solutions to Reduce Air PollutionSeveral organizations in China are coming together to help reduce the country’s air pollution by implementing emission control policies for trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles. the alliance between the government bodies and the auto industry and NGOs is one of the main outcomes of the China Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium in Beijing.

Faurecia’s Chairman and CEO Yann Delabrière have signed a three year partnership that will support the regional nongovernmental organization Clean Air Asia’s pollution reduction initiative in several Chinese cities. Yann also said that they will lead in the formation of an alliance of the automotive industry to help the government in implementing new air pollution control policies. The symposium main highlight was the introduction of China’s National Phase IV Emission Standards for commercial and heavy duty vehicles.

Benefits were described and will involve all main players this including policy makers and regulators, NGO specialists, industry business leaders and researchers in the early stages of policy development that will shape practical roadmaps for effective implementation and enforcement. Emissions by heavy duty vehicles including buses and trucks usually contain huge amount of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides that are major sources of urban air pollution. The State Council plans to implement the National Phase V standards for automobile emission for gas and diesel by 2017.

Carmakers even working at a fast pace needs three years to be prepared for implementing a new standard which usually takes four to five years. Costs will be great in preparing for each time an automotive company upgrades their equipment to meet these new standards. If China plans to skip implementing Phase V, the auto industry will have enough time to be prepared for the Phase IV standard.

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