SCCSC/ISNS 5th Annual Global Mental Day

SCCSC/ISNS 5th Annual Global Mental DayOn October 14, 2015 Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino Canada and the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen will be running the internationally recognized campaign Global Mental Health Day. As we all have mental health and it’s estimated that 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental illness, and a lot of them have experienced the stigma about mental illness, the day is about coming together and speaking up. This year’s theme is ‘Understanding+Respect=Hope’.

The annual event will include:

  • Opening Ceremony  9:10-9:35am featuring performances by SCCSC’s Hip Hop club andISNS’ Music Class
  • Fundraiser  11:45am-2:00pm (proceeds will be donated to Spring Care, a local charity that engages in mental health support and   education) including a bake sale, swag sale, and a staff football game: ISNS VS CCSC

Funducation Fairs 2:25-3:20pm (ISNS) and 5:15-6:00pm (SCCSC)including interactive games and booths to promote understanding about mental health and reducing stigma.

  • Peer Buddies Class on Mental Health 7:00 -7:30 pm
  • Recharging Fair 8:30 – 9:30 pm including balloon toss, free hugs, beauty station, and pinata to provide students with a night of fun, relaxation and entertainment which is essential to maintaining good mental health and reduce stress!
  • Movie:“Frozen”8:30 – 9:45 pm an animated film that presents mental health from a different lens. The movie is about a princess who struggles to hide her powers from the kingdom in fear of how she will be treated if those around her find out that she is different. She feels misunderstood and hopeless, similar to how those experiencing mental health issues often feel. 

SCCSC & ISNS’ 2014 GMHD was a huge success with a focus on helping students understands the importance of releasing stress. This year promises to be even bigger and better, as awareness has been brought even further along.

At the Personal Development Center of SCCSC, the main organizers of the event, our philosophy is that prevention through awareness will lessen the need for intervention and help maintain good mental health. We believe education is the key to change!

For further information please contact WendyLi, Director of Personal Development

Cell Phone Number(手机): 1866669904

Email Address(电邮): liwen20050601@aliyun.com


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