China to Hit 400 Million 4G Users by the End of the Year

China to Hit 400 Million 4G Users by the End of the YearIn less than two years since Chine started using the fourth generation telecom technology, the country is now the largest 4G market in the World with the biggest population of users and the most sophisticated networks. Arguably the brightest achievement in the national information technology sector in the past five years, China had a goal of connecting 400 million people to 4G network before the year ends.

According to the vice president of Chinese telecom maker Datang Group Chen Shanzhi, that there is no doubt of the importance of the next generation technology in the telecom business, wherein the rapid expansion of 4 G is one of the greatest success of the 12th Five Year Plan. China’s ambitious 4G plan started ten years ago after the central government drew its five year national development strategy in the telecommunications sector. Trials in the Time Division Long Term Evolution technology of TD-LTE which is a 4G standard was developed by local telecom companies started that the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan. China has pushed TD-LTE standards ahead of the other accepted standards and hoped that the self-developed technology will be a driving force for the sector.

China Mobile one of the biggest telecom carriers by subscribers is now offering commercial use of the TD-LTE in 2013. Smaller carriers that are all State owned needed to wait until the last day of the year to receive their licenses to commercialize their 4G networks using European originated LTE-FDD of Division Duplex standard. China Mobile already dominated the domestic 4G market and having more than 277 million 4G uses nationwide the country saw a 65 percent surge compared to last year.

The number of 3G users currently the largest telecom customer group is on a steady decline as more users are starting to use 4G. The number of 3G users drops by 7.8 million in August the sharpest fall in three months. By building of an advanced telecom infrastructures in the recent years spurred and array of related sector which fits into the national strategy of the development of Information Technology that lifted the domestic consumption. The target was to raise public awareness and household spending on information consumption by 20 percent annually and the China Information Technology Industry Federation is estimating the total spending on information consumption exceed 3.2 trillion yuan this year well above the 20 percent target.

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