Government Support Help Speed Up Construction of Charging Facilities

Government Support Help Speed Up Construction of Charging FacilitiesWith strong government support the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities is being sped up. Recently the National Energy administration have established an alliance that will help in promoting the construction of charging facilities in Changzhou and at the same time had a meeting for industry insiders and shared their experiences and held discussions on solving the problems they might face. Charging is one of the main problem for individual electric car users and the next step is to solve the problems by using several moves.

The main purpose of establishing the alliance is to deal with problems such as the unification between electric cars and charging posts to payment systems. Just this month the State Council released a guideline that will speed up the construction of electric car charging facilities and it requires that newly built residential properties should have install recharging facilities in their parking lots or have the relevant components in place. An intercity fast charging network will be planed that will cover the nation’s major cities by 2020 using two steps namely to promote construction in regions surrounding Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, next for regions in central, northeastern and western China.

The National Energy Administration is expected to release guidelines that will allow individuals to install charging posts and to share them with other electric car users for free or with a fee. Furthermore the administration said that 100 percent of new residential properties must by ready for charging post construction since there will be conditions that will allow residents to install charging posts on their own. Presently all charging posts are jointly installed through property management companies and charging post constructors and car owners usually ask the property management first then electric car dealers to do business with the constructors since the property’s electric capacity cannot support the use of charging posts.

There are companies that are waiting and watching any development of new charging facility national standard, since they believe that there might be modifications or new standards in the future. Charging posts are now build with varied types based on the national standards that was set in 2012 which isn’t compulsory. Majority of charging outlets and slots and plugs of electric and hybrid vehicles or charging interface is similar to European standard but varied that communication protocols that enable data transfer between posts and car. Current post must be replaced or modified at an acceptable cost but if communication protocol is set, incompatible pasts will have to invest at a much bigger cost to fit the standard.

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