Couples Need to Wait for Amended Law Before Having a Second Child

Couples Need to Wait for Amended Law Before Having a Second ChildCouples wanting to have a second child after the announcement that China’s one child policy are ending and will have to wait the appropriate laws amended. The launch of the new policy in the accordance with the regional population and family planning laws and the birth of a second child before any of the regulations are passed into laws with be defined as illegal.

The director of the China Population and Development Research Center Jiang Weiping stated that the people’s congresses or their standing committee in provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions determines the necessary measures. The people’s congress at a provincial level or its standing committee will revise local regulations and make new ones with the support and guidance of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The timeline for the operation of the new two child policy in different regions is determined when the second child is born and will have a legal identity. Several regions last year took the lead and introduced a second child policy, but parents in 17 provinces and autonomous regions that had a second child before the new local regulations were finalized were still penalized.

Once China relaxes its family planning policy, parents can choose to have one child or opt for a second child and will no longer get a government award that varies in different regions. The amount of new births will definitely increase in the coming years and estimate that the peak will be 20 million newborn babies. Presently 60 percent of China’s child bearing women are over 35 years old meaning an increase of elderly mother will be seen in China in the next few years. It’s safe to say that the two child policy will not bring a huge pressure on food security and basic public services such as education, employment and health. Its estimated that another 30 million working people that are aged 15 to 59 will be added by 2050 therefore benefiting economic growth in the long term.

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