Online Shopping still Hard to Use for Some Foreign Expats

Online Shopping still Hard to Use for Some Foreign ExpatsSingles Day shopping spree will start soon, Chinese residents are getting ready to splurge on online sales but still foreign expats are still struggling with Alipay a popular online payment system. Most foreign expats are hoping for Alipay to work so they wouldn’t be locked out the Chinese financial system. To register for Alipay, foreign expats re asked to submit photos, copies of their visas and copies of the photo page of their passports. And most foreign applicants get rejected without explanations. Some foreign expats resorts to asking their Chinese friends to use their cards since they can’t use Alipay or choose the cash on delivery options for smaller items.

TMall.com and Taobao only accepts payments from Alipay ot online bank payments, but other e-commerce stores such as Mogujie.com, JD.com, Guomei.com and Suning.com accept WeChat payments and cash on delivery as well. Other online stores also accept payment through online banks and online card payments. Taobao can be difficult in communicating with sellers on what buyers want as most foreign expats have to translate Chinese websites and use Google Translate in finding the right Chinese name for a specific product. Even if some online websites are difficult to use, foreign expats are still using these websites since its convenient to use and they usually get what they ordered in less than 24 hours especially on cash on delivery.

Singles Day also called double 11 is only a day away, advertising battle among online shopping giants is well on the way. Alibaba Group announced a Double 11 Gala, which will be held at the Water Cube in Beijing. Meanwhile thousands will be celebrating the largest annual shopping promotion midnight as shopping specials are offered on TMall.com. a survey conducted found that 56 percent of respondents will be spending more this Singles Day compared to last year’s shopping spree.

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