China Strengthens Security Measures to Prevent Terror Attacks

China Strengthens Security Measures to Prevent Terror AttacksChina is intensifying its counter terrorism security measures after the attacks in Paris which claimed several live and injured hundreds so far. Police officers are assuming their responsibilities in fighting terrorism and according to China’s minister of public security Guo Shengkun, that the police are strengthening its patrol and preventive measures in areas such as airports, shopping malls, schools, railway stations and entertainment venues.

Police will be extra vigilant in searching for guns and dangerous articles and substances as they keep close eyes on express delivery services. They will also work in resolving disputes that will keep them from developing into larger issues, which can result to extreme and violent incidents. In addition, the police will focus in collecting and analyzing intelligence and use effective measures in a manner that will foil any possible terror attacks. China is on high alert as the attacks in Friday at the music hall, soccer stadium and restaurants suggested that the attackers used guns and suicide vests. The high profile attacks could be a pattern and may be repeated elsewhere that is why China is on high alert to combat terrorism.

Recently a number of terror suspects from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region illegally crossed the Chinese border area to other nearby Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Suspects purchase fake passports to travel to other places then head to Syria and Iraq to join with the Islamic State and receive military training before heading back to China to plan terror attacks. China is facing the same threats from IS and must prepare for any similar terror attacks that are well planned and targeted multiple locations using different firearms and equipment.

Its important to strengthen law enforcement cooperation between China and countries such as the United States and European nations in areas such as case investigation, intelligence sharing, border management and creating contingency plans to carry out mutual drills so the threat of attacks can be handled more effectively. China should learn from the Paris incidents and look for ways to improve emergency mechanisms to prevent any similar attacks.

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