Hospital Gets International Accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Hospital Gets International Accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare StandardsFull accreditation was given to the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards making it the first hospital in the Chinese mainland to be accredited by the group. Chief executive of the hospital Professor Grace Tang received the accreditation from Karen Linegar the president of Australian Council on Healthcare Standards who in turn praised the hospital’s comprehensive approach to medical management, proactive complaints management system and efforts in promoting a better healthcare and well being.

Months after its opening in July 2012, the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital passed the preliminary assessment for new hospitals and garnered an initial certification in January last year. since the certification has already expired, the hospital is now undergoing a comprehensive assessment to win full accreditation. Twelve ACHS surveyors spent seven days at the hospital mid September and measured the hospital against 47 ACHS standards. All of the surveyors agreed that the hospital is doing excellent work and integrated different cultures as they provide good health care services.

By obtaining full accreditation from the ACHS is considered a milestone for the hospital giving them confidence that in 2016 they will be a 3A hospital. Hospital given 3A accreditation are considered the best in the country, and the process of assessment is an opportunity to conduct an all around safety and quality inspection helping them improve services. The director of Shenzhen’s health commission Luo Lexuan stated that Shenzhen is compiling their own medical accreditation standards in an effort to make local hospitals in improving their services.

The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital is being used to introduce medical reforms in China, has already taken shape as an international hospital with an emergency room using triage system and a appointment only registration. It also differs from other hospitals, as they require patients to first see a general practitioner before being referred to a specialist. Its also the first hospital on the mainland to establish a patient relations office to help mediate disputes between a doctor, hospital staff and patients. They also introduced new initiatives by formally recognizing a patient charter of rights along with purchasing malpractice insurance.

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