China to Look Further into Using More Robotics Technology

China to Look Further into Using More Robotics TechnologyChina is almost close in completing its five year development plan for home made robots industry. The plan was aimed to double the market share of made in China robots by 50 percent by 2020. An expert who was part of the plan in creating the five year plan advised in the robotics element of the Country’s Made in China 2025 strategy that is almost ready in submitting its draft to the central government for final approval. The decision will be announced early 2016 or by next month.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology cover committee members coming from across different key industrial sectors. The Made in China 2025 is an attempt to transform the country from being the largest manufacturing power into a strong modern technology driven economy. A document was recently released that showed that the country would be looking into specifically at making breakthroughs in the key technologies especially at controlling and decelerator systems. The document have also mapped out a ten year growth route for the robotics industry in which Chine is expected to have 70 percent more of the global market.

Domestic robot makers are the ones that have the bigger say in the coming years as they advance in the industry know how and in the development and manufacturing of service robots. Executive president of the International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Alliance Luo Jun said, even with the domestic players took about 20 percent of the market share, making the 50 percent target is difficult to accomplish. Chinese sellers are making strong inroads into the lower end market based on pricing, but the global sellers such as Switzerland based AB Ltd. still have a firm hold on the higher end manufacturing that demands greater levels of accuracy and sophistication of their robots especially in areas such as delicate assembly and welding.

China’s car making industry is one of the biggest domestic markets for robots and is still depend on imported devices for assembly work. But as manufacturers continue to replace their aging systems with state of the art robotics, it is estimated that by 2020 around 150,000 will be added to Chinese factories and will bring the total industrial robot population by 1.8 million by 2025.

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