China Deepens Infrastructure Cooperation with Malaysia and Discuss Major Key Projects

China Deepens Infrastructure Cooperation with Malaysia and Discusses Major Key ProjectsChina and Malaysia are planning to deepen its infrastructure cooperation and to discuss several key projects, which include the high-speed rail line that will link Malaysia with Singapore. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Premier Li Keqiang have reached an agreement during an official meeting. Premier Keqiang suggested that by harnessing the country’s advanced construction technology and low costs with Malaysia’s demand for infrastructure construction.

Both countries will be exploring the potential for more cooperation in building a rail line in the southern part of Malaysia and set up an alliance that covers both Chinese and Malaysian ports. These moves helps in beefing up the regional connectivity and boost the bilateral trade. The planned high speed rail line will link Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is said to cost more than $ 10 billion and will cut traveling time between both cities down to ninety minutes from the previous eight hour travel time. Other railway construction companies coming from China, Germany, France, South Korea and Japan have also expressed their interest in building the railway project.

Relations between China and Malaysia have entered the best period and Chinese enterprises are welcome to invest in Malaysia. Chinese visitors will be issued digital visas to make it more easier for them to enter Malaysia. Plus Xiamen University Malaysia Campus have started to enroll students and this will be the first campus overseas that is approved by the Chinese government which is set up by a Chinese university.

The two leaders have also agreed to deepen its cooperation in several areas and fields such as ports, production capacity, market access, space activities and science. Chief economist Suhaimi Ilias for Maybank said that China’s direct investment in the country is increased and China can make Malaysia the base for its trade with the rest of the Association of Southeast Asian countries by taking advantage of Malaysia’s position on global trade and maritime routes.

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