Aviation Sector Released Guidelines on Operating Unmanned Drones

Aviation Sector Released Guidelines on Operating Unmanned Drones The aviation regulator of China has published a operating guidelines for the fledging drone industry after unmanned drones were involved in several security breaches. Guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China covers the unmanned aerial vehicles weighing around 116 kilograms will include maintaining up to date records on remote pilots and to provide data on the exact location of the drone when flying over heavily populated areas.

The guidelines that was published on the regulator’s website, stipulated that drones should be kept out of restricted airspace and follow unspecified rules set by the military and the government. The regulator also stated that it seeking the opinion of industry experts on the possible implementation of the guidelines before it becomes binding. The chief executive of a privately owned drone maker Wuhan Airbird UAL Co. Wang Xiaobo said that regulations came just in time as the popularity of drones in post disaster evaluation, aerial photography, cloud seeding and other industries.

The company is already running drone pilot training sessions for clients together with their partners. Recently a civilian drone was seen photographing a Chinese fighter jet during mid flight, which triggered online debate on whether this was or wasn’t a security breach. Also a few years back, the Chinese air force shot down a drone that was caught photographing areas in Beijing airport which also resulted to three people getting arrested.

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