China Confident on Winning Rights to Construct Nuclear Plant in South Africa

China Confident on Winning Rights to Construct Nuclear Plant in South AfricaIndustry officials are confident that they are the front runner in winning the rights in building South Africa’s new generation of nuclear power stations. Zheng Mingguang the head of the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute that they are likely to win after all the documents were prepared for the tender. Furthermore the nuclear energy industry involves other issues so there is not date yet set on the final bidding process.

China is hoping to land the contract using the CAP1400 nuclear technology that is designed by SNERDI and based on the AP1000 reactor technology that was developed by Westinghouse Electric Co. south Africa is currently operating the only nuclear power plant near Cape Town but is facing chronic electricity shortage. The African government invited tenders last July to estimate the $80 billion contract in building four nuclear reactors that largest contract in the history of the country. This attracted widespread interest from the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp., French Nuclear firms and Russia’s atomic agency Rosatom.

China’s CAP 1400 nuclear technology is claiming to have significant cost, security, reliability and advantages over its rival reactors. Its considering a national research project that is expected to incorporate advanced nuclear power technology together with the latest in homegrown advances. The chairman for the State Power Investment Corp. Wang Binghua said that South Africa is showing strong interest in the patented design. A pilot power station that carries the CAP 1400 technology will start construction the March in Shidaowan in Shandong province, although officials have emphasized that the lucrative markets for its technology can be found overseas.

The Shidaowan project will be given final approval for construction from the State Council before the year ends. And according to Zheng that its to cold to start construction and pour concrete usually take four to six days, even with the permits they still need to wait for warmer weather to start construction.

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