Conference Participants Called for Global Cooperation for Internet Governance

Conference Participants Called for Global Cooperation for Internet GovernanceDuring the three day World Internet Conference that ended last Friday, which participants attending the meet called for global cooperation in Internet governance. Jack Ma said during the closing ceremony that the world community would face a huge challenge without the international systematic governance of the Internet. Ma said that is not about who can manage it well but rather a need for a governance by all countries.

A consensus was made and reached by the conference participants from China and abroad that he Internet governance is in need of global cooperation. According to Lu Wei, the director for Cyberspace Administration of China called for more efforts for an interconnected world that shares and governed by all. Wei also asked for the establishment a global cyberspace governance system that a community of common destiny could be achieved.  Luigi Cambardella the president of ChinaEU, a business led international association commented that there are still a lot of prejudice against China in Internet governance. Those that didn’t show up in the conference is making a mistake and said that they didn’t know was the conference is all about.

Cambardella also said that the ChinaEU is finalizing the agreement with the China Internet Development Foundation and the agreement will launch the first China-EU policy center to study both European and Chinese regulations of the Internet and large data. It will also focus on studying the existing and future regulations. The center is established at the start of next year with offices in Beijing and Brussels.

Cyberspace should not be turned into a battlefield for countries since all countries are faced with challenges of crime and cyber security and all countries are obliged to cooperate in the governance of online activities. International efforts must be made to prevent the Internet in becoming a place for crime. The Wuzhen Initiative that was released during the closing ceremony stated that it’s a shared responsibility of the international community to meet all challenges.

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