Large Public Hospital Opens in Bao’an District to Relieve Pressure on Older Public Hospitals

Large Public Hospital Opens in Bao'an District to Relieve Pressure on Older Public HospitalsYesterday was the opening of the first large public hospital in Bao’an District as part of the government’s efforts to relieve pressure on current public hospitals by building more outside of the city center. Found near the coastal are of Bao’an CBD and near Xin’an Metro Station, the hospital named Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University has 82,412 square meters and can handle 8,000 outpatients in one day and 1,000 inpatients. Several areas of the hospital including the emergency room and surgery rooms will be open in the next five months. Once the second stage of the hospital is finished it can accommodate 2,500 inpatients.

The hospital started construction in December of 2008, and was known as Xin’an Hospital then in September of last year the government had an a agreement with Guangzhou based Southern Medical University to be the one to run and manage the hospital. Constructed by Shenzhen Municipal Government after a national defined Grade A hospital standards, this will be the sixth hospital affiliated with the university and is receiving operating subsidies from the government for three years after its opening. It is also the second hospital the government has fostered under the management of an established university, with the first being the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital that was used to explore ways in reforming public hospitals in China.

This is also the first completed project after Shenzhen started a program that encourages the introduction of renowned doctors, medical service brands and medical schools in the city. Hopefully it will be an example of the successful medical reform in Shenzhen and nationwide. This type of large hospital is likely to benefit residents in Bao’an as the district is finding ways for patients to see a doctor that is working with another hospital that is affiliated with the Southern Medical University. Their vision is to have patients not to travel outside of the district anymore to see a doctor, while residents in Shenzhen need not to travel outside as well to see a well established doctor.

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