China Acknowledges Building a Second Aircraft Carrier Using Domestic Design

China Acknowledges Building a Second Aircraft Carrier Using Domestic DesignChina has confirmed that its building a second aircraft carrier to go with the existing one that was bought second hand. a spokesperson for the Defense Ministry said that the carrier is designed in China and is being built on the port of Dalian in Liaoning Province. Foreign military analysts and the Chinese media for months has published satellite images and photographs along with stories that shows the second carriers development.

China has a long coastline and a wide maritime area under their jurisdiction, and to safeguard their maritime sovereignty, interest and rights is one of the mission of the Chinese armed forces. The second carrier is built entirely with the domestic technology and took on Chinese experience on refitting its previous carrier the Liaoning with new and better improvements in various aspects. Liaoning was bought in 1998 from Ukraine and named after the port where it was refitted.

The new carrier, which will be conventionally powered, will have a displacement of 50,000 tons and is able to operate the Shenyang J-15 fighter, unlike the 60,000 ton Liaoning the new carrier will have a ski jump takeoff. No details yet on when the second carrier will start its service as it depend in the progress of the Chinese design process. Whether China is planning to add a third carrier is still up to relevant authorities since various factors will be taken into consideration.

The successful operation the Liaoning was the first step in what the State media with military experts believed that this will be the first step in the deployment of domestically built carriers by 2020. The Liaoning have already taken part in military exercises in the South China Sea although it’s not yet fully operational. Last week also marked a key breakthrough of the Liaoning in shifting from testing phase in operating a ship borne aircraft.

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