China to Find Solutions in Fixing the Problem on the Lack of Charging Facilities of E-Vehicles

China to Find Solutions in Fixing the Problem on the Lack of Charging Facilities of E-VehiclesEven with the fast growth of electric vehicle ownership in China in the past two years, the lack of match boost in charging facilities and power supply is becoming a bottleneck, which restricts the future development of the electric car industry. Authorities are making several moves that should solve the problem such as providing high incentives in hopes to stimulate the expansion of charging facilities.

The Beijing development and reform commission along with the city planning body said that they will be installing 5,000 public charging posts around the city this year and promises to have at least one charging station to serve each area of five square kilometer radius on 2017. The State Grid one of the largest electrical power supplier in China said that it would be speeding up the construction of electric car charging facilities on expressways and cities through out the country. The company is also planning to install charging facilities on the 11 main highways including the Beijing-Shanghai, Daqing-Guangzhou, Shenyang-Haikou and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao routes. It also plans to establish a nationwide e-car charging network in the highways of Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin province, in the Shandong province and the cities found in the Yangtze River Delta region and other key cities.

The State Grid is also setting a goal of building 10,000 fast charging stations and 120,000 charging posts to cover 202 cities and 36,000 kilometers of highway by 2020 as the country hopes to have 5 million new energy vehicles on the roads. Last October, the National Energy Administration has established an alliance that promotes the building of charging facilities and during its launch, industry insiders talked on how to solve the associated problems such as handling payments and standardizing charging stations. During the same month, China’s cabinet and the State Council has issued a directive that will accelerate the construction of charging facilities and requires all newly constructed residential properties to install charging posts in their parking lots or have the necessary equipment to do so.

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