Nuclear Companies Revealed Plans in Creating Nuclear Propulsion Reactor

Nuclear Companies Revealed Plans in Creating Nuclear Propulsion ReactorChina is pushing plans in creating an indigenously developed marine nuclear propulsion reactor by 2020. The demonstration project for a small marine nuclear propulsion reactor named ACPR50S will be included in the 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020) for the energy industry once the get the necessary approval from the National Development and Reform Commission. China General Nuclear Power Corp the leading atomic power company currently working on the preliminary design for the AXPR50S that is expected to start its construction in 2017 and operation by 2020.

The NDRC and CGN needs to speed up their efforts in the research and innovation of core technologies, design and key components that will meet the demand for mass producing of the maritime atomic propulsion. The 200 megawatt reactor , can be equipped inside a section of a ship and can supply stable and reliable electricity and heat to islands and some projects that need to be at sea for long periods without the need to refuel such as offshore oilfield exploration and seawater desalination. The company is also planning to develop another small nuclear reactor ACPR100 with a 450 megawatt per unit that can be used in remote areas and large industry cluster to be used as supplement to large-scale land based nuclear power plants. Land based nuclear reactors produces 1,000 megawatts of power, wherein a typical marine propulsion reactor produces no more than a few hundred megawatts.

China National Nuclear Corp and CGN are working with China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, in building a nuclear powered vessel, when compared to conventional ships the nuclear powered ones can travel further using a more reliable fuel that will allow them to complete missions such as polar expeditions. In 2014, CSIC created a national research center named 719 that developed maritime nuclear power platform and core technologies. The shipbuilder also received approval from the NDRC to start research on a demonstration project for nuclear propulsion vessels.

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