Bill Gates said that China will be Contributing More to the World’s Innovation

Bill Gates said that China will be Contributing More to the World's InnovationAccording to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, China is going to contribute more to the world’s innovation due to its strong ambition in promoting science and research. During an interview in the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for 2016, Gates stated that China will become a huge participant in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That is already under way and is bringing in fast change for most industries. And talking on the new revolution, Gates believe that the digital revolution is something he spent his life work on was a huge factor.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the ongoing transformation of the society and economy that is driven by advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics, 3D printing, nanotechnology and other areas in science. The key enabler of much of these new technologies in the internet where Microsoft and Gates are the leading contributor to the progress. Industrial revolution in coming to increase productivity dramatically as it creates opportunities and challenges. New technologies changes will free some labor and people can do more in the cultural industry.

Gates said that China created some advantages in science and technologies using its educational system and the country has a string will in pushing its contribution in different sciences sectors. China has a lot  of smart college educated people , but also engineers with the quality of engineering skills. By giving recognition to these people that done something that they can be rewarded for, many experts have been lead to create new companies in the IT sector, robots, biology and other things.

“in recent years, internet elites have been dedicating themselves to drive innovation in global health and development,Gates decided to join force with China Tsinghua University ans establish the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute in Beijing. China made incredible progress in reducing poverty and shares the foundation’s commitment in harnessing advances in science and technology that will address the critical health challenges that is affecting the world’s poorest people.

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