More Young People Pressured to get Married by Parents

More Young People Pressured to get Married by ParentsEighty percent of Chinese people have reached marriageable age are being pressured from their parents to get married. During Spring Festival which some say is an occasion for family reunions is fast approaching, and young people coming home from their jobs in the city faces another round of scrutiny from elder relatives on whether or when will they get married soon.

A report on the Situation of Unmarried People that are Being Pushed in Marriage in China was released by the China Youth Concern Committee for the Advancement of Health and Physical Culture which surveyed 1,000 unmarried people under 40 years of are from cities in China. The report showed that people aged 25 to 35 years of age are under the most pressure with 86 percent being pushed, 3 percent of youth who have not reached marriageable age are not immune from such pressure. Parents use to urge their children that they are not young anymore and the parents are getting older scheme to push their children to marry. Others use the friend’s daughter gave birth to a baby their first grandchild. Parents in southeast China’s Sichuan province uses this tactics by encouraging relatives to join them to persuade their children. Meanwhile Shanghai parents are the most insistent ans they constantly persuade there children.

Compared to parents from southwestern province of Guangxi, simple and direct ways are done as they are good on arranging blind dates for their children. Parents in East China’s Jiangsu province are the most pushy parents are twenty percent of them push their children more than then times a year the highest frequency across the country. The efforts are the most effective as the number of blind dates is also higher in the country list as 19 percent of respondents participate more than ten times a year.

Based on data from Jiangsu civil affairs departments the reasons behind Chinese parents efforts is the average age for first marriage for locals is 32 and 30 in Nanjing. But young people feel wrong as they believe that a narrow life circle is the biggest hurdle for them in finding a partner as three quarters argue that they travel from home to work everyday and barely meet members of the opposite sex. Other who a e already in a relationship find it hard to get married as the family of their partners are overly demanding which usually lead to break ups.

Facing pressures, 87 of the respondents say that they understand their parents, but 28 percent choose to talk it with their parents about the issue and more than 70 percent keep silent or escape the topic. Young people in fast paced cities are facing more pressure than their elder generation and it is reasonable to marry late, and young people should explain to their parents and show their efforts in looking for a partner.

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