Beijing Hopes to Bring Population Down by Placing Cap of 23 Million by 2020

Beijing Hopes to Bring Population Down by Placing Cap fo 23 Million by 2020During the annual local two sessions, Beijing decided to place a cap on its population at 23 million by 2020. The two sessions refer to meetings of the Municipal People’s Congress, the local legislature, the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political consultative Conference which is a local political advisory body. For the next five years, Beijing continues to relocate its population from downtown areas to suburban areas in hopes it will bring down the permanent population in the downtown area by 15 percent from 2014. Population ceilings were made according to the maximum capacity of resources such as food and water.

Beijing saw slower growth in its population in recent years due to efforts in adjusting city functions and relocate industries. During the last five years, annual growth rate was around 2 percent compared to 5 percent in previous years. then in 2015, Beijing population hit 21.7 million permanent residents and is now aiming to limit its population to 22 million in 2016. The past decades, Beijing failed its population control targets as more people from across the country came and flocked to the national capital, attracted by advantages in cultural, economic, educational and medical resources. The increase in population added pressure on local resources such as water and even worsen the traffic conditions and environmental problems.

According to Vice Mayor Li Shixiang, it was difficult to force out people without giving proper destinations for a relocated population adding that a coordinated plan of development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei was a desirable solution. Also Lu Yan the director of Beijing Municipal development and reform Commission, the economic planning body said that Beijing continues using its relocation plan and divert the population to new towns and outlying regions.

For 2016, around 300 companies usually manufacturing businesses will be moved out of the city and fr the next five years, big logistics bases and wholesale markets will be transferred from ares within the fourth ring road. Strict measures will be taken to ease the demographic pressure on downtown areas and regions.

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