China Deepens Reform in Public Healthcare System

China Deepens Reform in Public Healthcare SystemChina is deepening its reform in healthcare this year by using several key factors for the reform that was discussed during a meet with the central government. The State Council convened a regular meeting and determined that the healthcare reform should be benefiting more people, then key sectors for the reform was determined and decided during the meeting that was presided by Premier Li Keqiang.

The plans included expanding the number of cities that pilots urban public hospital reform from 100 to 200, improving compensation system in hopes to abolish the drug price addition policy in public hospitals in new pilot cities and implementing tiered medical care pilot project among the 70 percent of the country’s prefectural levels. Other plans will implement centralized procurement of drugs being used by public hospitals, building a national  network for basic health insurance settlement and improvement on the performance based remuneration system in grassroots health institutions.

Based on the healthcare reform plan, all people will be covered by the critical disease insurance noting that subsidies is based per capita for basic health insurance and basic public health services is raised. Also the number of physicians that receives standard training will be increased to 70,000 this including 5,000 pediatricians.

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