Li Keqiang Expressed Confidence in Country’s Ability in Maintaining Medium to High Rate of Growth

Li Keqiang Expressed Confidence in Country's Ability in Maintaining Meduim to High Rate of GrowthChinese Premier Li Keqiang has expressed his confidence on the country’s economy stressing that China’s ability in maintaining its medium high rate of growth. Li told German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier who is visiting that the country’s economic indicators for the first quarter shown many positive changes came out better than expected. At the same time, the basis of the positive trend of China’s economy is not as solid as they thought, attributing to the situation of the world economic downturn and market fluctuation.

As the country faces up to the difficulties and challenges, they will continue to play along with the resilience, potential and space in maneuvering the Chinese economy and constantly push forward reforms and its opening up. China is confident enough to sustain its medium-high growth rate and the possibility to move to a medium-high level of development. Based on the China-Germany ties, Li stressed that both sides should improve the alignment between the Made in China 2025 and the German Industry 4.0 strategies, create an advance cooperation in the third party market in the high speed rail in order to promote the economic growth.

The present complicated world economic situation in all countries must enhance its communication, tackle challenges and expand collaboration. Germany is eager to push forward cooperation with China in the third party markets in the high speed rail, construction of infrastructures and upgrading other fields in promoting stability and growth. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was invited by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit China wherein the two minister co-chaired a second session of the Chinese-German strategic dialogue about diplomatic and security affairs.

Both leaders are working together for a successful G20 summit September in Hangzhou to contribute to the world economic growth. Both countries are also in agreement in enhancing cooperation in the peaceful reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

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