Intel Corp Promoting the Use of their 3D Camera Technology in China

Intel Corp Promoting the Use of their 3D Camera Technology in ChinaIntel Corp is fast in promoting their 3D camera technology in China as the company is planning to step up their efforts in catching up with Qualcomm Inc. in the mobile chip sector as they also prepare for opportunities that is brought in by the internet of things. The president of Intel China Ian Yang, stated that the company is teaming up with a string of Chinese companies in applying the RealSense technology into various products from computer, tablets, drones and robots.

RealSense 3D cameras give machines the human like eye which can determine distance between objects and separate objects from the background layers found behind them producing objects, facial and gesture recognition compared to a traditional camera. One of the company’s partner Ninebot Inc, a Tianjin based short distance personal electric vehicle markets recently acquired Segway last year. Segway equipped its latest robot with RealSense 3D camera that can track full 3D motion and recognize surfaces of things such as map and detect environment in real time. Lenovo Group a Beijing based and the world largest PC maker and Yuneec International Co. a Shanghai based drone maker raised fund of around $60 million from Intel last year are applying the Technology to their products.

Analysts say that Intel’s Enthusiasm in the 3D vision will mark a significant shift in the sales strategy as the company of PC chips is losing ground to Qualcomm in the Mobile chip sector. Instead of selling chips alone, Intel is selling them as part of the solution package encouraging developers to use the chips in non PC devices. RealSense technology can only work on drones when backed with Intel self developed chips that have faster data processing capability compared to its rival products.

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