Canton Fair Takes on New Image by Introducing Virtual Reality Technology

Canton Fair Takes on New Image by Introducing Virtual Reality TechnologyChinese made products are on display at the recent Canton Fair is taking on a new and trend image due to the introduction of cutting edge technologies like virtual reality. One of the crowded stands at the fair are from the consumer electronics and information products pavilion that displayed gaming machines that are said to use 9D virtual reality technology.

Chinese-made products on display at the Canton Fair are taking on a new and trendy image thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality. The display stand has a constant stream of visitors everyday from the first day of the fair that started Friday. Visitors enjoy the thrilling experience of riding a roller coaster to firing a rifle on a battlefield using a VR headset while standing on a moving pad and holding a toy rifle. A sales manager of the game machine maker Guangzhou Zhouyuan Machinery Co. stated that the amount of orders the company received during the fair has increased at least 30 percent compared with the last Canton Fair in October.

The company started out as a manufacturer of hydraulic systems and now entered the multidimensional gaming business in 2009 and launched its first virtual reality simulators last year. the company displayed its VR simulators for the first time at the fair during the autumn season and was expecting a great boom in transactions this year. They are the only few Chinese companies that can build a full set of virtual reality simulators instead of a headset only.

Virtual reality is now the hottest technology in consumer electronics today and the fair needs new products to help maintain its appeal to overseas buyers. A marketing director for Imar international trading company in Pakistan participated at the Canton Fair for five years in hopes to see something new. They came this year in hopes to look for machinery products but found the virtual reality simulators more attractive and think it will have a big market in Dubai.

Although the fair is losing its appeal to some and doesn’t offer something new, they should offer products at competitive prices. Fair organizers are stepping up efforts in the past years in exploring new fields such as pet goods, outdoor spa facilities and new energy.

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