WeChat Launches App for Enterprise Users

WeChat Launches App for Enterprise UsersChina’s major social networking application WeChat owned by Tencent Holdings has released a separate app that targets enterprise users. The app launch that is designed to work related communication, place Hong Kong listed Tencent in direct competition with its nearest rival Alibaba Group Holdings in China’s potentially huge enterprise software market.

The app is called Qiye Weixin or Enterprise WeChat , offers basic online chatting function same as the one offered on WeChat but also provides professional features from clocking in and clocking out functions and a leave request options which allows users to do all office related work using smartphones. Chief executive officer for Tencent Pony Ma said that the App Enterprise WeChat is an important product that the company extends its reach to business users and hopes that the product helps companies in boosting work efficiency. Tencent said that the app is best for enterprises and organizations of different sizes, from small to micro businesses that have dozens of people to large corporations employing thousands. The first release of the app id compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows operating systems and is free.

An analysts for the Beijing based internet consultancy Analysys International said that the number of individual users have exceeded 650 million and WeChat is planning to expand their market to enterprise users. Although the enterprise software market is taking shape, the faster Tencent goes into the market the more time they will have to build the reputation and cultivate users. Even if there is no official statistics on the market size, observers say that DingTalk launched by Alibaba in February 2015 is the current leader and latest data shows DingTalk is targeting small to medium sized enterprises and has already 1 million enterprise users.

Still there is an opportunity for Enterprise WeChat to catch up as Tencent laid its foundation by introducing first enterprise use instant messaging toll RTX and other enterprise services.

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