China Made Drones Popular among Foreign Nations

China Made Drones Popular among Foreign NationsSeveral foreign nations are waiting for their delivery of China’s CH series military drones, which is one of the most popular products in the international arms market in the country. The drones which bears the name Cai Hong meaning rainbow in Chinese is among the lethal drones and its newest and largest capacity combat drones CH-5 is now waiting for government approval for export.

According to Shi Wen the chief drone designer in China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics that the total value of the signed contracts for drones in 2015 will be one of the largest in terms of armed drone deals that was made in the international market. The academy which is part of the China Aerospace Science and Technology is one of the largest military drone developers and its CH series drones are sold to 20 military users from more than 10 foreign countries and is the largest military drone family that is being exported by China. Its earlier models the CH-1 and CH-2 are small unarmed drones that were used for reconnaissance has a proven track record in monitoring and locating targets. The larger ones the CH-3 is a mid-range combat and reconnaissance drone while its CH-4 is a mid altitude, high endurance armed drones which attracted buyers that are looking for a powerful and affordable unmanned combat aircraft.

China Space News reported that China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics will be delivering around 200 CH drones to domestic and foreign users, namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt Nigeria and UAE which are known buyer of the CH Drones. The company’s first contract in exporting CH drones was signed in 2003 and started in 2004 fulfilling the order of a South Asian country that bought several CH-1 drones and since then that country is one of their loyal user of the CH series drones and is now looking into purchasing CH-4 drones.

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