China’s Foreign Minister Creates Four-Point Requirements to Help Improve Ties with Japan

China's Foreign Minister Creates Four-Point Requirements to Help Improve Ties with JapanChina’s foreign minister Wang Yi created a four point requirement on improving Japan-China ties after his talk with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida. They talked first about politics stating that the Japanese side should stick to the four political documents between both countries and face up and reflect on the history and follow the one China policy strictly. There will be no ambiguity or vacillation allowed when deciding on this important political foundation of bilateral ties.

Second based on outlook on China, Japan must translate concrete actions on its consensus with China on both countries will be cooperative partners instead of a threat to each other. Japan must take a more positive and healthy attitude of the growth of China and end the spreading or emphasizing the China threat or China economic recession theories. Third based on economic exchange, the Japanese should establish a concept of win-win cooperation and end the outdated idea that one side cannot do without the other or one side will depend on the other side more and the other way around.

Japan must enhance equal footing and pragmatic cooperation with China that is based on mutual benefit. Lastly based on regional and international affairs, both sides must respect each others legitimate concerns and interests while maintaining communication and coordination with each other. Japan must cast aside the confrontation mentality and must be willing to work with China in maintaining peace, prosperity and stability in the region. Fumio Kishida will be visiting China, his first official visit since taking office three years ago and a first by a Japanese foreign minister in more than four years. Although there is still a lack of trust between both sides, China and Japan relations are showing signs of improvement and Kishida’s visit to China will be of positive significance as Wang calls for Japan to demonstrate sincerity and place bilateral relations back on track to have sound development with positive actions.

2017 will mark the 45th anniversary of the normalization of the China-Japan diplomatic ties and year after next is the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty, which are important opportunities for the improvement of both countries relations. As the world’s third and second biggest economies both countries should be more responsible for the development and prosperity of Asia.

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