Chinese Tourists Visiting Ancient Egyptian City Revives Tourism Industry

Chinese Tourists Visiting Ancient Egyptian City Revives Tourism IndustryA bazaar done in front of the ancient Karnak Temple in Luxor in the Upper Egypt is bustling with a substantial number of Chinese tourists everyday after months of severe recession. Several business died as foreign tourists stopped visiting the city lately, but slowly improved as these tourists turned to visit Luxor. The increase in tourists is due to President Xi Jinping’s visit to Egypt which help in reviving the tourist industry of the country.

Tourism in Egypt is dealing a heavy blow after the Russian plane crash happened in North Sinai last October in which several countries suspended their flights to Egypt. And was further augmented by the secession in the ailing tourism sector that was the major source of the national income and foreign currency reserves. But even before the plane crash, Egypt was already suffering s sharp decline in tourism because of the political turmoil which included mass uprisings, ousting of two presidents and forcing several countries to ban their citizens in visiting Egypt due to safety reasons. Luxor was once an Ancient Egyptian capital which suffered the sames as with other Egyptian tourist cities. Although the tourism industry has improved as hundred of Chinese tourists started coming to the city daily.

One shop owner said that he was about to close his shop due to slow sales but changed his mind after seeing Chinese tourist everywhere. Not only these Chinese frequently visits his shops but also visits nearby restaurants, coffee shops, malls and a bazaars as much has American and European tourists. Egypt is one of the most populous Arab country that was a rich culture, is now placing their hopes on China and its eagerness to tap into the Chinese tourism market. The number of Chinese tourists increased from 65,000 to 135,000 in 2015 with the number could increase to half a million to a million, once direct flights from China to Egypt will increase.

To encourage tourists to visit the country, Egypt is offering Chinese tourists visa exemptions and allow a visa upon arrival if they are being sponsored by a tourist agency and financially comfortable. These measures and Luxor’s charm in attracting Chinese tourists who are looking for tranquil surroundings with beautiful ancient ruins scattered throughout. Luxor is also the home of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

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